An update from your favorite Realtor

In my wonderful world as a Realtor, Autumn typically means a slight dip in activity and a huge opportunity to revamp the business. This Autumn, the annual revamp comes with a huge shift in my real estate strategy.  More on that a bit later. For now, a bit of history…

I became a licensed Realtor in 2000 and went to work at RE/MAX DFW, partnering with other agents to take advantage of the “teaming-up” trend that was taking off at the time. I moved to Austin a few years later and after visiting with many of the highest producers and as many brokers as I could get to call me back (story for a future time), I joined the Jaymes Willoughby team. The team concept has dominated my life for the past 12 years and while the real estate team business model is still quite the trend, the changes in market conditions and brokerage models have started, what I believe to be, a revival of the individual agent.

With that history in mind, it’s time to shift my focus to my personal brand of creative real estate and depart the JW Team. While I value the time with my colleagues at RE/MAX DFW, my teammates here in Austin, and especially the 9 years I’ve spent with my friend Jaymes Willoughby, I can barely contain my excitement with what this new adventure will mean for me and for my clients.

The primary reason for my change boils down to this; I envision a real estate community with a far more empathetic approach than we’ve come to know over the past few years. My client collage will look much the same as it has the past 12 years; including first time home buyers, move-up & relo’s, new home constructions, and real estate investor opportunities. I’ll continue to employ some of the programs I’ve used in both the Austin and Dallas metro areas.

My business primarily originates from personal referrals and I can’t begin to share how grateful I am for that. If you or anyone you know have real estate ambitions or questions, please reach out to me as soon as you can! I know you’ll want the advice and service 1000+ families have trusted for years.

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And Away We go!


If you’ve landed here early, you likely know me well and know I spend my days helping friends and referrals buy and sell real estate here in Austin. You’ve likely never seen an online presence dedicated to my work as a Realtor as I’ve spent the bulk of my career working with teams across our great state.

Historically hidden behind team branding and team models, relaying my opinions on current trends and hot topics grew increasingly more difficult. Today I launch a blog in an effort to better represent my position on local market trends and seemingly key issues that will forever change our industry.

Too often, the local real estate community praises the highlights of the city while failing to celebrate them with the city. Too often, the local real estate community hides behind key issues allowing the vocal minority to change the silent majority. Too often, our community fights for agent rights at the expense of the consumer and far too often that consumer is a client.

I hope this blog sheds light on some of these key issues. I also hope to showcase why I do what I do and why this really is the most amazing job in the most amazing city.

Bare with me as I kick this off and prepare for equal parts of fun, entertainment, education, suggestions and of course a bit of heat on the topics that deserve it!

And of course, if you or someone you know is in the market to buy or sell property in the ATX area, you know what to do.